Installation of Your Replacement Sprinkler Heads by Central

For replacement of “wet” O-ring sprinkler heads, once your claim has been submitted to Central with all necessary forms and information and is next in line for replacement, Central will ship your Replacement Sprinkler Heads. Generally, Central will ship your Replacement Sprinkler Heads directly to its work crew or Central-designated installer that will be performing the installation work. In some instances, Central may ship your Replacement Sprinkler Heads to a shipping address that you provide in the Proof of Claim Form.

Unless you have elected to arrange for your own installation, you will be contacted by Central or its designated installer and will need to cooperate with that replacement installer to schedule a time for the work. Dry sprinkler head replacement will usually require a service visit prior to shipping your Replacement Sprinklers to measure the length of the drops to ensure the proper length sprinkler is ordered and installed.

As a courtesy to you, Central will instruct its designated installers to advise you of any pre-existing conditions they may observe during installation that may impact the performance of your sprinkler. This Program, however, does not include and is not a substitute for the regular inspection and maintenance of your sprinkler. Neither Central nor its designated installers have any legal liability for the indentification or repair of any pre-existing condition other than the replacement of the O-ring sprinkler heads cover by this Program.

You will not be charged by Central or its designated contractor for the replacement work. However, certain indirect and additional expenses may not be covered by this Voluntary Replacement Program. Your rights, as it relates to your participation in the Voluntary Replacement Program, are set forth in the Waiver, Release of Claims and Replacement Agreement included in the Claim Packet. Please review this Agreement carefully. You will need to submit the Verification Form after the replacement work has been completed. Central reserves the right to audit all claim and installation records for a period of 3 years after the installation of your Replacement Sprinklers is completed

Participation in this voluntary replacement program supersedes all prior offers from Central regarding replacement or other remediation of Central sprinkler heads with O-ring seals.