Determining Whether You Own O-Ring Sprinkler Heads Included In This Program

To determine if you should participate in this program, you must first determine whether your sprinkler system contains the sprinkler heads with O-ring seals that are included in the program. This voluntary replacement program includes two kinds of sprinklers, “wet” and “dry.” “Wet” sprinklers are installed in piping that is filled with water. “Dry” sprinklers are used in areas that may be exposed to very cold temperatures; thus, the exposed piping does not contain water.

Sprinklers can be difficult to identify; we therefore suggest that you first review any sprinkler system installation and/or maintenance records you may have to determine the make, model and date of your sprinkler heads. If you do not have dependable records, check in your spare sprinkler cabinet or with your architect, builder, sprinkler contractor, homeowners’ association, or property manager. If your sprinkler heads are visible and you are safely able to get near enough to them for a close examination, you may be able to determine if they are sprinkler heads with O-ring seals involved in this voluntary replacement program.

DO NOT TOUCH, DISTURB OR ATTEMPT TO REMOVE YOUR SPRINKLER HEADS IN ORDER TO INSPECT THEM. Carefully read the instructions in the Identification Brochure prior to attempting to visually identify your sprinkler head. Avoid attempting to identify your sprinklers if they are difficult to view or examination would place you in a precarious position.

After reviewing the instructions contained in the Identification Brochure, carefully examine the frame and deflector of your sprinkler heads. The frame is the piece of metal at the end of the sprinkler that is closest to the wall, ceiling or pipe and that is connected to the sprinkler pipe by pipe threads. The deflector is the flower, or gear-shaped metal piece at one end of the sprinkler head. Make note of all inscriptions or markings on the frame and deflector.

Central sprinkler heads will have the word “CENTRAL” or the letters “CSC” stamped on either the metal sprinkler frame or on the deflector. Sprinklers manufactured by Gem Sprinkler Company will have a letter “G” in a triangle. Those manufactured by Star Sprinkler, Inc. will be marked “Star” or will have a star-shaped logo.

The model designation and date may also be stamped on the frame or deflector. You will need this information to determine if your sprinklers are involved in this program and, if so, to complete your Proof of Claim Form. The Identification Brochure contains detailed information, pictures and diagrams to assist you in identifying whether your sprinkler heads are covered by this program. An interactive version of the Identification Brochure is accessible at this website . For additional assistance, you can also call Central’s toll-free Customer Service Hotline at 1-866-505-8553, from 8:15am to 6pm EST.